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The Genesis of the Baphomet Plush Doll

The Genesis of the Baphomet Plush Doll

The Genesis of the Baphomet Plush Doll

Baphomet, a figure often depicted as a goat-headed demon, is reputedly synonymous with Satan. The origins of the name Baphomet, however, are shrouded in mystery. The first known mention of Baphomet was in a Provencal poem from the late 12th century. It subsequently appeared as a title for a pagan idol in the early 14th-century Inquisition trial transcripts of the Templars.

As the centuries rolled on, the English-speaking world became familiar with Baphomet during the 19th century. Since then, the perception of Baphomet has undergone a transformation. People no longer solely view Baphomet as an embodiment of evil. Instead, they now see it in a more multifaceted light. People recognize Baphomet as having deeper symbolism and meaning beyond simply representing evil.

The Church of Satan, established by Anton LaVey in 1966, uses the “Sigil of Baphomet” as its official emblem, depicting a Baphomet goat’s head inside an inverted pentagram. LaVey explained that the Templars’ worshipping of Baphomet was symbolism for Satan.

LaVey expanded on the Baphomet symbol in The Satanic Bible, interpreting Baphomet as an alchemical symbol illustrating the harmony of opposition. He further postulated that mastering life’s force could lead to magic and spiritual enlightenment, and open the way to the mysterious door .Thus Baphomet also represented the process of occultism.

As time passed, the Baphomet motif attracted broad respect and has become a symbol of all things mystical and ritualistic. However, people now perceive Baphomet as more than just an embodiment of evil. Crafters have skillfully woven the mysterious pattern of Baphomet into a handmade Baphomet plush doll.This Baphomet plushie is not only adorable and aesthetically pleasing but also serves as a decorative piece. At the same time, it has a mysterious color,so don’t miss the chance to own a Baphomet plush doll!